Hey, I’m Satoshi Nitawaki.
Social name is nitaking. Call me “Nita-san”(にたさん)

What I’m doing Now

Updated 2024-03-05, Tokyo / Cafe
  • Started living with a cat.
    • His name is Tet. He's a very sweet boy, has made a big difference in my wife and I's life. It's wonderful and happy/
  • Love Running.
    • Physical exercise has become a habit. That's great!



  • Considering getting a cat.
    • My wife and I love dogs and cats. We are looking forward to a life with them.
  • It's been a year since I started committing at Mental Health Tech.
    • I feel a sense of fulfillment in being able to commit to what I want to do and a sense of inadequacy.
    • What am I working toward? I'm standing back and thinking once again about
  • Meet regularly with friends
    • I contact them whenever they pop into my head and invite them to dinner so that I don't lose touch with them, who are invaluable to me.
    • Conversations with them are my energy and the richness of my life.
    • My friends who see this! Let's get in touch and have dinner!


I feel the need for a variety of studies.

Learning a few techs

  • I learning Flutter. My team using Flutter, I focus nessessary mobile skills.
  • I learning CBT. my knowlege less than need knowlege.
  • I keep learning golang. same, my knowlege less than need knowlege.

Need to learn English

I wanna understad English:

  • documentation with out translation,
  • understad the content of a speech without subtitles,
  • to be able to communicate in English.

This my motivation for English.

I think it will help me improve my programming skills.

I wanna my output to be converted into what I want to do without loss

I want to maximize our output by learning the experience and skill necessary to achieve this.


Collecting TIPS


  • EnglishI call myself the uncle of tools. Thinking that there's no "single right answer", for the tools and technologies. What is important is to make the "best decisions" and “choices" for each issue. To do so, we need to be aware of various options. For this purpose, I think that collecting tools and technologies, introducing and evaluating them is something I can enjoy and output to the world.

新しいチームにジョインしました:Joining a new team

自分のやりたいこと、「幸福度の総量を増やし、不幸の総量を減らす」を実現するために、メンタルヘルス領域に関わり続けることにしました。心理療法の一つである 認知行動療法 をアプリとして提供している Awarefy に正式にジョインすることにしました。


  • EnglishI've decided to keep involved inthe mental health field because in my achieve what I wanna to do “increase the toal amount of happiness and decrease the total amount of unhappiness”.I’ve decided officially join Awarefy, which offers cognitive behavioral therapy, a form of psychotherapy, as an app.I am very excited and happy to be working with a great group of like-minded peaple to create a great product.


  • WebAssembly / wasmフロント技術におけるパフォーマンスチューニングの手段として把握しておきたい
  • rustフロントの新規CLIはほぼRust製なので、選択肢として検討できるように概要レベルで把握しておきたい
  • svelteReact, Next.jsの複雑さ・学習コストの高さが際立っているので、シンプルな構成の選択肢として把握しておきたい